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Children's activities for children in the surrounding area

There are many leisure and sports activities for children in Plouha, Côtes d'Armor.

For younger and older ones alike

Your children will have unforgettable memories of their holiday in Plouha! During the school holidays, the Plouha tourist office organise various activities. Once registered with them, your children will be able to take part in them and have a wonderful time.                                    They will have access to a wide range of sports and leisure facilities, including a football field, tennis court, skate park to name a few!          A leisure centre which is open during the summer will accommodate your children so that they can enjoy their stay at Camping Le Varquez even more.


For children over 6 years old

While on holiday in Plouha, your children over the age of 6 will be keen to join in the activities organised especially for them.                      They will be able to put their creativity into practice during the craft activities where they will have the opportunity to create wooden planes, cardboard cars or even make a wooden board game.                                                                                                                                    Sports tournaments are also organised (table football and football tournaments, etc.) to encourage team spirit among them.                  Outings are also organised to take children off to discover new places.


For children under 6 years old

During your holiday in Plouha, even your youngest children will find activities to keep them busy.                                                                        A crafts workshop is available for them to learn how to tinker and make cars, cardboard boats and wooden planes.                                Through its activities, they will have the opportunity to build a game board like "la marelle à table", and to compete in a tricycle race for the most adventurous!                                                                                                                                                                                        Outings are organised for the children to enjoy, such as the excursion to Jumpy.

For more information on the activities at the tourist office, click here

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Camping Paimpol BretagneCamping Paimpol Bretagne
Camping Paimpol BretagneCamping Paimpol Bretagne